About Ristretto

Common Inquiries

What is Ristretto Lounge?

We're a coffee shop.

Welcome to Ristretto Lounge, where we strive to provide high quality drinks and eats inside an atmosphere that reflects the fusion of Korean and Japanese coffee house culture. Our commitment to quality serves as the base for all we do. From the sourcing of our coffee to pouring and delivering it, we are passionate that our visitors experience the best we have to offer.

What are Ristretto Lounge's hours?

(Mon - Sun) 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
(Sat & Sun) 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

As a local business catering to a predominant college town and a bustling community, we try to keep our café open to everyone. Over this winter-spring school semester, we will keep our doors open 8AM - 5PM on weekdays, and 8AM - 6PM on weekends.

Does Ristretto Lounge offer internet?

Yes! Internet access is free.

Complementary WiFi service is provided for all Ristretto Lounge customers. All we request is if you are planning on staying a while to use our tables and space, that you continue your support by making purchases with us every two hours.

Is Ristretto Lounge good for studying and doing work?

Yes! We're perfect for that.

Our café is very open, and is designed to be conducive to a warm, bright, and relaxing atmosphere. We offer an arrangement of different work areas, including individual standing desks, and personal and group tables all positioned around outlets so you won’t have to worry about finding a charging spot. The café is located on the ground floor and has music playing along with all the white noise you'd expect from a traditional coffee shop. If peace and quiet are more your desire however, the upper floor provides a subdued atmosphere with a panoramic view of our café below.

Can drinks be made in Personal Cups?

Yes! Personal cups are highly encouraged and incentivized with a discount.

Get 50¢ off your purchase price for each personal cup or mug that you plan to use. We'll make sure that the mug is completely clean before use, and we'd be happy to sanitize it for you after.

Is there on-premise parking?

Yes! Lots of parking available.

Find your peace in never having to worry about parking at Ristretto Lounge. On a typical day, we'll have more than enough parking spaces for everyone.

Are Outside Food and Beverages allowed in the café?

Unfortunately not.

However, we do appreciate you choosing to make Ristretto Lounge a part of your day, and we understand that you may get hungry sometimes while hanging or studying here. Our menu consists of a vast selection of food and dessert — including but not limited to protein-packed eats, bagels, baked goods, pastries, and Korean shaved ice. If none of these options work for you, and you would rather bring food or beverages from elsewhere, we kindly request that you consume your items outside — either on our patio, or the field in the back. Otherwise, see our menu for in-house food options.

What payment methods are accepted here?

We accept all major forms of payment.

Use your credit/debit card for contactless tap, insert or swipe, or pay with cash. Since we handle all our transactions via Square, you can be sure your payment is secure. Square accepts American Express, Discover, Mastercard, VISA, UCB, UnionPay and CashApp.

Is there a Rewards Program?

Yes, look forward to free stuff!

For every dollar spent, you accrue points towards a free drink or pastry reward. Just remember to enter in your phone number on our tablet after paying. And if you're using a credit/debit card, Square automatically links your card to your number so on subsequent visits, just use your card again to pay with ease, and you're good to go. In no time, you'll be getting your favourite items on us. We can't wait to treat you!

Discover More


View drinks menu

We’ve got a vast drink menu ranging from teas and black coffees to indulgence lattes and we’re sure that we can make something right for everyone. And our team of talented baristas commit themselves to making every drink perfect, presentable and delicious, and walk it to you when it’s ready so you can relax and enjoy your you time right after ordering. So take a look at the menu and see what catches your eye. We’re looking forward to making you your next favourite drink!


View food menu

Our kitchen is open from 9a - 3p every single day for you to order some our delicious eats. We make everything fresh and plan for a variety of culinary palates - from fusion power bowls, to soul-warming soups and sandwiches. And if you happen to catch us during our kitchen’s off hours, we’ve also got pastries and bagels on constant rotation, and different flavors of Korean shaved ice for you to enjoy at any time.


Visit Thankfully storefront

Ristretto Lounge is partnered with Thankfully Coffee, based in Auburn, Alabama. If you'd like to learn more about the different coffees they offer and the coffees that we brew at Ristretto, or would like to purchase your own bag of beans that we don't currently offer, visit Thankfully Coffee's website for more details.

About T2 Tea

Visit T2 storefront

Through T2, we offer high quality teas from all over the world. We've hand selected specific blends for a variety of tastes — from complex and spicy chai, to relaxing and soothing lemon-balm. Visit T2's website for more information about where we source our teas.